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Real Life Super Heroes in Seattle?

Posted by Brett Tousley on Saturday, November 20th, 2010 at 12:17pm.

Yes, apparently there is a group of real life superheroes patrolling the mean streets of Seattle. Armed only with pepper spray and fancy costumes, these heroes are working to keep criminals on the run.

I saw this story on the local news last night and just had to learn a little more about this group. 


It's easy to make fun of caped do gooders running around the city in spandex outfits and masks, but after a bit more research, I found they are legitimately doing some good. 

Since they lack any true super powers, they can only be so effective against street crime.  Without spider sense, super human strength and unnatural regenerative powers, confronting potentially armed punks is dangerous business.

The groups true power comes from their message of community involvement and reaching out to those in need.

If you take the time to read the profiles of several real life super heroes on their website http://www.reallifesuperheroes.com/ you'll see that there is more to their cause than a flashy costume and chiseled good looks.  Many provide services and supplies to the homeless or visit sick kids in the hospital as part of their mission.  What kid wouldn't want a visit from a real life super hero?

I'm pretty sure their secret lair is located somewhere in Fremont. :)




Brett Tousley is the designated broker and owner of NW Home Brokers.  He can be reached at 253-820-2745 or broker@nwhomebrokers.com

1 Response to "Real Life Super Heroes in Seattle?"

Delilah K wrote:
We usually read about superheroes in comics. They are noted for protecting the public to the extent of risking their own safety without expecting any reward. Some people imitate their costume as shown in the picture and do their noted actions. However, there are real life superheroes who don't portray a good image. A Michigan male in a Batman suit found himself in the courtroom for holding a weapon and trespassing. He has been given six months’ probation. He has already been ordered not to put on any costumes for 6 months. Article source: Would-be Batman unmasked in court and sentenced to probation

Posted on Wednesday, October 19th, 2011 at 11:35pm.

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