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Posted by Brett Tousley on Monday, November 22nd, 2010 at 10:31am.

If this is the first time you've seen this video, you are way behind the power curve!  It's already received nearly 2.5 Million views on YouTube!
Business in general and real estate specifically has undergone a dramatic change in the past 5 years. New technology has changed the way consumers choose the products and services they use on a daily basis.
 The business of listing and selling homes has moved significantly away from unproductive and inefficient advertising such as newspapers, phone books and real estate magazines.  Social Media, blogging, virtual tours, high ranking websites are much more effective in reaching the buying public with better information in real time.  And more home sellers are learning that every day!
The traditional real estate model where the managing broker commanded high fees and caps from their agents for the promise of advertising, name recognition and a corner office has gone the way of the dinosaur.  The real estate consumer is no longer willing to settle for an unskilled agent just because they happen to be affiliated with a brokerage that spends a lot of money on brand recognition advertising.  Real estate consumers now realize that it's the skill of their individual agent who makes the difference, not their brokerage. 
Many forward thinking real estate brokers around the country successfully compete for business with old school real estate titans and lead generation companies everyday.  NW Home Brokers is one of those brokerages. 
There is no longer a need for an experienced, highly capable real estate broker to pay 1/3rd or more of their annual income for the privilege of practicing real estate.  Have you noticed that you just barely make your cap before it restarts for the year?  It's no accident, that's how their business model works.  Fill the brokerage with enough bodies and they'll make a ton of money.  The agents who only sell a couple of homes a year benefit from your hard work and expertise.  Those of you who are full time pros pay the bills and help keep the lights on for the vast majority of agents who struggle and fail each year. If you can develop your own business, you should be rewarded for your efforts, not penalized with a high cap.
My vision for NW Home Brokers is simple.  I only accept full time, highly skilled real estate brokers.  I expect any client of NW Home Brokers to benefit from an above average real estate broker providing them with the very best representation possible.  Because I only hire the professional full time agents, I can afford to offer a realistic cap that I expect you to surpass easily.   
What's the benefit to joining NW Home Brokers?
1st Because of the reduced cap, you can afford to focus your attention on every client you work with. Every client deserves your full attention.  We don't charge any hidden franchise fees, tech fees or desk fees.
2nd You are surrounded by other like minded brokers who are actively working in the market.  We are more up to date on what's going on in the market than the average broker.  Your managing broker is active in the market.  I know the challenges you are facing right now.  We don't even have a water cooler at the office for the slackers to congregate around.
3rd Tech savvy managing broker and affiliate brokers.  We have some of the most tech savvy brokers in the business.  We can help you to develop a presence on the web and maximize it's potential.  Depending on the survey you refer to, 86%-92% of potential home buyers use the web in their home search.  We know how to provide the best service possible to our Internet clients.
4th No required weekly or monthly meetings.  As I only hire experienced brokers, there's no need for a weekly "rah rah" session.  I trust you know your business.
5th E&O and L&I provided at no additional cost.  You'll find our independent contractor agreements to be very straight forward without the normal "junk" fees traditional brokers normally charge.  What you see is what you get.
6th Unlike many other low fee brokerages, you won't be associated with part time brokers looking to hang their license during the "tough market".  We only hire full time real estate brokers who are committed to success.  A NW Home Broker has always and will continue to be, far better than the average real estate broker.
7th A real brick and mortar office if you need it.  Our office is centrally located at 38th and I-5 in Tacoma.  While I have met very few clients at our office over the past year, it's here should you feel you need the space.  The office is fully equipped with a meeting room, reception area and tech room.  While most brokers work out of their homes or cars, we have the infrastructure in place for you if you need it.
8th  Real broker support.  You are not just a number at NW Home Brokers!  Even the most skilled broker will run across unusual circumstances that require another view point at times.  You'll always have my cell phone to discuss any matter that presents itself in your business.  We take care of our own!
In closing, I know it's a big step to leave a big named brokerage, I've done it myself.  I encourage you to pull my personal numbers in the NWMLS and compare them to your current broker's.  I think you'll find that I am much more active than your current broker and have the skills and desire to see you succeed at NW Home Brokers.
Feel free to contact me for a confidential meeting via email @ broker@nwhomebrokers.com or on my cell @ 253-820-2745.

Brett Tousley is the designated broker and owner of NW Home Brokers.  He can be reached at 253-820-2745 or broker@nwhomebrokers.com

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